They launch an electric scooter that plays music and avoids obstacles

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Do you like skateboards? The Unagui company presented its new electric scooter called Model Eleven, which has a design that some have classified as “incredible” and also plays music and avoids potholes.

Unagui Scooters vía Twitter

“The smartest scooter in the world” is made mostly of a material known as long carbon fiber, which makes it lighter, with a total weight of 14.5 kilograms.

The skateboard has alarm systems with motion detector, camera-based driver assistance, interchangeable batteries. Also, know the difference between people, stop signs, cars, and inanimate objects.

The two-wheeler is also capable of playing music via Bluetooth, and can be connected to the Google Maps navigation system.

Model Eleven has two motors with a maximum power of 500 watts, the scooter reaches a speed of 30 km per hour and its interchangeable batteries offer a range of up to 24 km on just one charge.

How much?

Model Eleven has a cost of $ 2,479,135 Mexican pesos according to the official Unagi website.  

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