They launch a platform to promote the digital transformation of MiPymes

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If you are a corner store or a medium-sized company and you need to grow, this platform is for you. This is Click MiPyme, which offers solutions, consulting, relationships, training and business development, all in one place.

The platform will provide a personalized service for each stage of evolution of the undertakings. It is also a multi-segment platform, that is, it has the ability to provide advice and services for different types of companies, it offers initial diagnoses at no cost as a basis to determine in a personalized way the solutions that MSMEs need for their growth, in addition, allows access to mentoring provided by leading consultants.

Click MiPyme is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs and business owners who seek to develop, grow, consolidate and increase the productivity of their businesses, and has been designed to help from corner stores to medium-sized companies seeking to add technology to their businesses. processes, define a business model for growth, as well as advice on current business issues such as: electronic accounting, tax issues, financing, electronic payments, data analysis, among others.

“We have given ourselves the task of concentrating in one place the services and products that provide solutions to the needs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. We know that the demands of these are changing, each one has different needs, however, from the analysis we carry out, we were able to identify the main requirements that companies have to survive, and from these results we are in charge of looking for and selecting the strategic partners that can offer a value-added service ”, mentioned Miguel Ángel Castro, co-founder and director of Innovation and Digital Transformation of Click MiPyme.

What do SMEs need to achieve optimal growth?

According to this analysis, among the main services and products that MSMEs require for optimal growth are:

  • Have electronic payment services, because 75% of companies have indicated that their income has increased after starting to accept digital payments (Study commissioned by VISA).
  • Accounting and tax advice, since about 18.1% of SMEs do not carry out any accounting records (data from INEGI).
  • Medical insurance, since it has been indicated that medical expenses insurance should be part of the basic basket of employees (Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions).
  • Access to credit and funding, since 70% of business owners and entrepreneurs indicate that one of the limitations for growth is the lack of access to credit (Credit Report of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Mexico made by Konfío).
  • Mentoring, since 78% of the businesses that have received mentoring have increased their turnover; New digital channels, due to the fact that only 6% of MSMEs use the Internet to advertise their products or services, while 87% of Internet users indicate that they pay attention to advertising on the Internet.
  • Digital services to increase their productivity, since companies that have adopted digital services as the use of cloud solutions have increased their productivity 1.5 times.

Taking into account the main requirements of entrepreneurs and business owners, Click MiPyme undertook the task of adding seven strategic allies, which make up the current catalog of platform services.

Among the allies, the following stand out:

  1. Bill Pocket, a solution that allows you to increase sales by easily accepting card payments and digital payments from customers.
  2. Medical Home, which offers medical service memberships, focused on COVID-19 protocol management, and which includes insurance coverage for accidents, medical emergencies, nutritional and emotional counseling, among other services.
  3. Bliss Pago, a digital platform that allows you to finance purchases easily, safely and instantly at any time, without the need for a card or cash.
  4. Celcel / Telcel Empresas, which offers services that support the digital transformation process of businesses, such as connectivity solutions, business communication, productivity and location and tracking of cars and fleets for a better operation.
  5. DEC, which provides support services with advice to position MSMEs in digital channels.
  6. Válzer, a platform that combines an investment scheme with the model of each business under different customized capital structures, through a process of involvement and support of strategic partners that will lead from the plan to the execution.
  7. Asesor Conta MiPyme, a service that offers continuous accompaniment, advice and support for the proper functioning of the business, in addition to reducing the time that entrepreneurs must dedicate to dealing with accounting and tax issues.

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