The 9 Prettiest Autumn Nail Trends, According to Experts

It may sound premature to say that we’re already starting to fine-tune our autumn shopping lists, but with the summer flip-flopping between 90-degree heat and nonstop downpours, we’re frankly feeling ready to embrace the season ahead. Of course, with a new season comes a slew of new trends to take note of—both in fashion and in beauty—and while we’ve already pinpointed the fall trends that you’re going to see everywhere, it’s time to dig into the details. First stop: nails. And more specifically, the nine autumn nail trends that are going to be everywhere next season.

Sure, we can get a pretty good steer on cool micro nail trends by scrolling through Instagram, but nothing beats an expert opinion, which is why we tapped some of our favorite pros for their predictions on the nail trends that will dominate the beauty world in fall 2021. 

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