The 7 Best Winter Fashion Items for Women Over 50

Susie Wright is always filled with top-notch styling ideas. After all, the Portland-based 55-year-old has quite the storied fashion career as a former Nordstrom buyer and current stylist and influencer. And while her actual age certainly has nothing to do with what she should or shouldn’t wear, it’s her more experienced sartorial point of view that’s always intriguing. On that note, we thought we’d tap her for some fresh style advice. She actually recently shared with us the five items she wears to make her outfits look more expensive, and next, we thought there could be interest in learning about the specific winter pieces she’s excited to wear this season.

Below you’ll uncover seven items Wright is already wearing or can’t wait to wear more of. While the pieces run the gamut, they’re all incredibly versatile and could really work with a range of ensembles. We’re talking about items like gorgeous shackets, chic dresses, and so on. Keep scrolling to check out the winter buys Wright is coveting, complete with visual and shopping inspiration.

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