The 25 Best Brown Boots We’ll Be Wearing All Season

I could talk about boots forever—it’s just my kink. The two wall shelves that currently house my beloved boot collection are currently bursting at the seams with them too: ranging from tall snakeskin pairs to point-toe sock boots, sprinkled in with some lug-sole action. Just about any style is enough to get my heart going, but one pair you will not find within my collection? Brown boots.

While definitely a classic, the shade has always been overshadowed by trendier prints or colorways (and of course the number one staple, black) when it came to my affections. Call it ignorance or being behind the curve, but I’m finally changing my tune—and the below pairs of brown boots have a lot to do with it. The color has been popping up everywhere I look, and now I’m seeing them in a whole new light.

Thanks to a few people with great style on the ‘gram, I’ve found some fresh ways to incorporate brown boots into my outfits too. Now the first step is to just choose a pair. Keep scrolling below for all the immaculate brown boots I can’t get out of my head.

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