The 21 Best Red Boots That Are So Stylish in 2021

If there’s one color that’s simply too timeless to be deemed a trend, it’s red. The bold hue may have a tendency to enter and exit the trend cycle every few years or so—if you remember, 2017 was big year for red—but overall it’s just too classic to ever go “out”. There are plenty of ways to style the hue, from handbags to tonal outfits, but I’ll let you in on a secret: There’s one iteration that I personally think is the superior way to wear it, and that is red boots. Regardless of trend status, I’ve always had a soft spot for red boots. They’re bold, they’re iconic (so many Halloween costumes that go with them FYI), and they bring a whole lot of look.

Whether you’re looking for an ankle boot situation or a statement over-the-knee look, a cool western-inspired pair or lug-sole Chelsea boots, the options abound. If you’re understandably skeptical about straying away from your trusted black boots in favor of the statement that red boots can make, then keep reading—I’ve rounded up the 21 best pairs to shop right now. 

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