The 18 Best Eye Shadow Brush Sets of 2021

Professionals make applying eye shadow look way too easy—any time I find myself scrolling through makeup TikTok, I become instantly dumbfounded by how little time and effort it appears to take artists to complete a full, intricate look. Granted, I know these videos are condensed into a short-form reel for the platform, but it still takes a certain level of skill to be able to pull off that kind of artistry in such a short amount of time.

Sure, foundation application can be a breeze when you have a great sponge or brush, but I’ll timidly admit that eye shadow is where I struggle most. How do the pros make every eye look so flawless, you ask? Well, don’t look at me. I’m turning this one over to them. I asked three celebrity makeup artists to reveal their best-kept secrets. I’ll give you a hint, it involves a super clean canvas and the right brushes.

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