The 15 Best Shampoo Bars of 2021, Hands Down

It’s no secret that we love beauty and beauty products. We are, after all, constantly talking about the latest skin gadgets, makeup trends, and hair tools. But we’re also aware of the effect those things have on the environment, which is why we’re always striving to be more “green.” While preserving energy, limiting consumption, and generally leading a more sustainable lifestyle is the goal, we know it’s not always realistic to overhaul existing habits overnight. We also know that there are simple, sustainable swaps we can make within individual routines to bring us one step closer. 

Take shampoo, for example. While the consistency with which it’s used can depend on the individual (and their personal preferences and hair type, among other things), it’s traditionally packaged in plastic and thus eventually tossed away (hopefully in the recycling bin) after use. A simple swap for it is a shampoo bar. Unlike liquid formulas, these are solid and generally produce less plastic waste since they don’t require a plastic bottle for containment. 

There are many different kinds of shampoo bars, too. There are those formulated for dry and damaged hair, color-treated hair, coarse and curly hair, and more. You just have to know which ones are which. That’s where we come in. Keep scrolling to see 15 shampoo bars to consider swapping into your shower routine.  

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