Reviewed: Here’s What Happened When I Got Tear-Trough Filler

Also referred to as tear-trough filler, under-eye filler corrects the hollowness beneath the eye area that can make your eyes look tired, sunken in, and have bags. “When you have that hollowing there, it makes you look tired,” says Shamban. “So we just re-volumize that little hollow area, and then your eyes are more framed by your lashes and not by a circle underneath. That’s the goal.” Instead of a traditional needle, a blunt-tipped instrument called a cannula is used during the treatment. This makes injecting a lot safer in terms of blood vessels, Shamban says, and reduces the risk of bruising or swelling. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Teosyal, are usually used. Shamban describes them as complex long chains of sugar that are naturally found in the skin. “The difference between the brands has to do with the size and shape of those long filaments, and also how they’re cross-linked together because normal hyaluronic acid is metabolized in a 24-hour period,” she explains. “So that’s why when you use hyaluronic acid as skincare, it binds water, giving your skin a plump, moist look. And then within the skin itself, it serves to bind water and also to provide a kind of ‘spring’ to the skin.”

Shamban goes on to explain that the hyaluronic acid used in these fillers is very similar to what we have in our skin—they’re cross-linked together so that it’s not as easy for them to be metabolized in a short period of time. This is why they can last a while, depending on the area of the face. 

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