Meet the “Ugly” Trends That Will Dominate Fall 2021

If you keep up with the sartorial world on a regular basis, you’ll know that a lot of the standout trends that may seem glorious to those in the industry may come across as questionable or “ugly” to those on the outside. The haters will continue hating, but we will continue wearing them because fashion is about rejecting societal norms of what’s deemed flattering anyway, right? Despite these unique trends facing the “ugly” adjective, they’re considered cool and are being worn both ironically and unironically by the fashion set. However you choose to wear them, it doesn’t matter. 

“Ugly” trends are cyclical. Some of them last a short time span, but some end up having more staying power than you’d think. Think of dad sneakers, sweater-vests—the list could go on. Below, we rounded up seven that we’ve seen are rising quickly for fall 2021. A central theme for the bunch is that many offer comfort as their priority, so be prepared for these to become closet favorites.

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