Lymphatic Drainage Technique: Here’s How to DIY a Massage

Perez is a true industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience as a massage therapist, first in her home country of Brazil and now in Miami. She’s the founder of massage studio MOVA by Camila Perez, where she launched her signature technique, Massage High Definition, and has become a highly sought-after lymphatic drainage masseuse by everyone from Bella Hadid to the Kardashians. And as if that’s not impressive enough, she’s now a Clarins ambassador as well.

I realize many of you might not live in a city where licensed professionals are available for this sort of treatment, but Perez assures me that’s okay. “Going to a professional offers the full experience, but your system can still majorly benefit from at-home treatments,” she says. “You can balance your blood flow, lymphatic flow, and prevent cellulite. It’s good for your health and for managing stress. The most important thing is to understand and follow the lymphatic pathway.” Oh, and having the right skincare products and tools on hand makes all the difference.

That’s exactly why Perez wanted to become an ambassador for Clarins. Along with sharing many of the brand’s values, Perez has long been a loyal Clarins customer. “I’ve been using the oils for more than 20 years. I love and trust the brand so much. I love that they’re environmentally conscious and use natural, essential oils. And I incorporate many of their products into my treatments with clients,” she says. Since I don’t live in Miami, I asked Perez which must-have products are needed to mimic one of her treatments at home, and she gave me the scoop. Keep scrolling for Perez’s product picks and tips for a DIY lymphatic drainage massage.

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