I’m a Minimalist—These Winter Items Do It for Me

Right now, my closet rivals Lisa Frank with its barrage of saturated colors. However, slowly but surely, I’m crossing over to the minimalist side of things. My slow conversion is due in part to a group of tastemakers on my feed who embrace a “less is more approach”—one of whom is Belfast-based content creator Tanice Elizabeth.

I never thought layering up in a sea of neutrals could be so appealing, but leave it to Elizabeth to change my mind. While she highly favors subdued tones, her pieces are anything but boring. Just take the Agolde denim-leather hybrid pants or Mango logo-emblazoned denim jacket she was recently spotted wearing. It all makes a statement without jumping directly in your face. 

As I flirt with the idea of becoming a minimalist, I thought I’d consult Elizabeth to get an idea of which items are making an impact now. Below, IG’s most daring minimalist breaks down all the things she’s infatuated with this season.

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