Having Gratitude Is Just the Beginning to True Success

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Experts throughout the business and personal development spaces have been focusing on “gratitude” as a significant factor for a successful mindset for years. And they are right. Being thankful re-orients our minds towards the positive. It brings peace by calming the mind and shifting us out of fight-or-flight mode. Perhaps most importantly, gratitude adjusts our perspective by helping us realize there is something “bigger” than us. With tremendous irony, this humility (whether personal or corporate) can lead to greatness.

As important as gratitude truly is, alone it is simply not enough. We need to go beyond gratitude. If our gratitude remains merely a mindset, then we are missing out on the real power of gratitude to positively affect other people and our world. Instead, we need to grow from a gratitude mindset to a gratitude lifestyle. Beyond gratitude means SEALing gratitude into our lives (yes, it’s an acronym… Stretch, Express, Act, Look).

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