8 Emerging Brands That Are About to Go Viral

Name one person who doesn’t enjoy uncovering a new fashion brand? I’ll wait. Even before I was a fashion editor, I would still get giddy about the prospect of finding something new, knowing not everyone would have it already, getting to see a brand really take off, and just generally supporting smaller businesses in an industry that’s largely dominated by big-box brands. I’ve made it my mission to highlight smaller and more emerging brands in the past, tapping experts and our very own editors for their discoveries. This time around, I’m looking to the closets of my favorite celebs to find the next It labels.

Maybe it’s just me, but celebs have been championing emerging designers like never before this year. Whether it was the camel-hued leather ensemble Kendall Jenner wore for date night, a pair of colorful patchwork pants that Hailey Bieber packed on her Cabo getaway, or a coat that was quite literally lifted off the runway and onto Dua Lipa, the following eight designers you’re about to discover here all seem to be igniting the internet in one way or another. I’ll note that people who keep a close eye on fashion’s happenings may be familiar with these names, but I think they’ll be a fun discovery for many. 

Ahead, see the celebrity looks that are making these brands take off and then shop uor favorite pieces from each.

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