7 Low-Maintenance Hair Trends That Will Dominate 2021

“When it comes to color, you don’t want something that requires too much precision,” reveals hairstylist to the stars George Northwood. “Something that has become a bit of a signature of ours is a softer, natural balayage. With the disturbance of COVID and salons shutting for months on end, people have stepped away from that fresh, highlighted look that is quite high-maintenance and is tricky to maintain well at home without your colorist.”

“Over the first lockdown, a lot of my clients saw their natural color growing through and have actually gotten used to it,” Northwood continues. “So we are now seeing a lot more clients who are now experimenting with keeping their hair closer to their natural color, which is far more easily managed and can see you through those long gaps between appointments, which is a smart move in these times of uncertainty.”

Another top hairdresser who shares this sentiment is the authority on hair color, Rita Hazan. “I believe that people will start to embrace low-maintenance color more and more,” she explains. “After having gone so long without a salon visit during past lockdowns, this is bound to happen. Single-process color or covering gray roots are simpler to do at home, even with a home kit. Just find a color that is closest to what you have. Like soft balayage, subtle highlights are also low-maintenance and can grow out nicely, even with roots, because there isn’t too much of a contrast.”

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