5 Accessory Trends That Aren’t a Thing Among Parisians

As someone who really loves accessories, it wasn’t a challenging assignment for me to study the accessory tendencies of French women. Specifically, I was looking for the accessory trends they don’t wear. I get the impression that French women like what they like and certain trends just don’t fit in with their aesthetics. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t exceptions and that all Parisian women have the exact same aesthetic (they don’t). It just means that there are some clear similarities when it comes to the accessory trends they do and don’t favor.

Here in the U.S., accessory trends currently lean heavily toward throwback ’90s and YTK styles. Parisian women don’t seem to be taking those trends quite so literally, but they are dabbling in them a bit. Scroll on to find out which accessory trends they’re very much on board with (according to my unrelenting Instagram scrolling) and those they’re skipping for now.

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