20 Red Hair Color Ideas to Bring to the Salon in 2021

I once had the opportunity to dye my hair red while filming a beauty tutorial a few years ago. I chickened out at the last minute and opted to go for a golden blonde color instead. You see, I’ve always maintained a similar shade of “bronde” hair, so it was the safe choice and the one I felt the most comfortable with at the time. While I don’t necessarily regret my decision, it has always left me wondering, What if? Since then, I’ve saved varying shades of strawberry blonde, ginger, and auburn hair on Instagram, and I often stare longingly at hair transformation videos that result in a vibrant, shimmering shade of copper. For me, red hair has become the beauty equivalent of “the one who got away.”

Maybe it’s because I was recently discussing red hair with Who What Wear’s Senior Beauty Editor, Erin Jahns, or maybe it’s because it’s fall and I’m in the mood for a hair color that reflects the shades of the leaves on the trees, but I’m more obsessed with red hair than ever. Will I finally go for it? I’m still giving it some thought (I’m not exactly a spontaneous person, okay?). In the meantime, I’ll keep looking at my red hair inspirations. Keep scrolling to see every shade (and celebrity) I want to copy, from Gigi Hadid to Zendaya and beyond. 

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