16 Best Detanglers for Every Hair Type That Actually Work

We all have our haircare product preferences. Some of us have a huge inventory of hair sprays, dry shampoos, masks, serums, and oils. And others might just have the basics, like a hair spray. But, out of all the products out there, I think there’s one that truly makes styling so much easier—and that’s a detangler. Yes, I know it’s not exactly a new, cutting-edge product, but dang do these formulas work so well when you’re dealing with unruly hair.

Not only do they make the act of brushing your hair a breeze, but they also prevent breakage and damage, and are great at softening and smoothing hair. Some formulas might even often heat protection and infuse some extra shine and hydration.

Sounds great, right? Take a look at some highly-rated detanglers below, plus other haircare products we love.

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