15 Nordstrom Beauty Finds That Deliver Instant Results

Let’s hear it for all of the times we’ve tried a new beauty product in vain only to realize it completely falls flat in the efficacy department. Product fails are par for the course in any beauty lover’s life, but if you follow along with us here on Who What Wear, hopefully, the cycle of tries and letdowns will steeply decline. Of course, plenty of beauty products are designed to take time and demand days, weeks, sometimes even months of patience before you’ll notice any kind of results, but there are just as many formulas in the realm of hair care, skincare, and devices that can make marketable improvements almost instantaneously. Oh, and if you’re really lucky, those products that gift you with a potent dose of instant gratification will also be putting in the legwork for long-term results, too. 

Quick-fix items in the beauty world can often tread gimmicky, but if you stick with us—product-vetting editors who try practically everything under the sun—you’ll be in safer hands when deciding where to invest your money. So, to show you just what we mean, we spent hours scrolling the digital “aisles” of Nordstrom’s beauty department to hand-select 15 products that can truly work wonders in seconds, minutes, or just a few days. Keep scrolling to see for yourself!

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