11 Oversize-Sweater Outfit Ideas for the Season Ahead

I’m not a morning person, so it’s tough to leave my cozy comforter in the morning. While I may not be able to take my blanket with me wherever I go, there is a close option—oversized sweaters. They have the perfect loose fit so you’ll feel relaxed and they provide a plethora of styling options. They’re favorited so much so that when most people think of sweaters, they’re often imagining an oversized fit. (Just take a look at the majority of the market.) From chunky turtlenecks to loose cardigans, I keep my knit collection well versed. I’ve been looking for some inspiration to try out this season, so I thought I’d share my outfit mood board with you all.

The weather is warranting these massive knits as a necessity, but I’m here to show you that they can be just as chic. Go on to see the oversize-sweater outfits that are inspiring me to layer up in the coziest knits all season longand shop the coolest sweaters out there.

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