10 Ways to Wear the Vest Trend This Fall

While some may say a vest is a trendy item that is having its moment but won’t be around for a while—I have to disagree. Whether it’s a knit version or tailored, I think it’s the perfect layering piece that I’ll be coming back to every fall. It’s hard for me to not end up throwing one on over every outfit. White button-up? Vest. Maxi dress? Vest. While layering may come easy to me, there’s been plenty of vest looks on Instagram I’ve been saving for the fall time to try out myself and to give you some inspiration for the upcoming season.

Below, I’ve rounded up 10 looks from Instagram using all kinds of vests, and multiple shopping options if you want to add one to your closet. I’m warning you, be prepared for the vest to become your top favorite layering essential this fall.

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